As a Gold Coast Photographer, I’m always seeking scenes that connect with viewers, but also those that help me connect with myself. The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, is a prime destination for those picture-perfect moments. From beautiful beaches and charming countryside to iconic landmarks, it’s a haven for photographers (and perspective models) of all styles. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to some of the top spots for photography on the Gold Coast, along with the best times to capture them.

Burleigh Heads Beach

burleigh heads beach gold coast queensland

Burleigh Heads Beach is a versatile spot for photographers. At sunrise, it offers a warm, golden glow on the sand that’s perfect for serene shots. The gentle waves create a stunning backdrop for minimalist compositions. At sunset, the beach transforms into a vibrant stage with a colorful sky, ideal for dynamic shots. This beach is great for lifestyle photography and even family shoots.

Best Time: Sunrise for calmness, Sunset for drama.


Surfers Paradise Skyline

gold coast skyline

The Surfers Paradise skyline is a visual treat, especially in the early hours. The cityscape against the rising sun is serene, while the skyline reflecting in the ocean at sunset creates a magical scene. This is an excellent location for capturing cityscape shots and even product photography against the backdrop of the skyline.

Best Time: Blue hour before sunrise, Golden hour before sunset.


Springbrook National Park

springbrook national park

Springbrook National Park is a fairytale setting. Sunrise casts a mystical aura over rainforests and waterfalls, adding an otherworldly quality to the shots. The soft morning light sets the tone for intimate forest scenes. During sunset, the park’s waterfalls come alive in warm light, standing out against the green surroundings. This park offers countless opportunities for nature and lifestyle photography, hence it rightfully so found its spot in this article. I mean come on, who doesn’t love this place?!

Best Time: Sunrise for mystique, Late afternoon for waterfall magic.


The Spit

the spit gold coast

The Spit, nestled between the calm Gold Coast Broadwater and the dynamic Pacific Ocean, provides diverse subjects with unique allure. This location offers opportunities for various styles of photography, including product and lifestyle photography.

Best Time: Sunrise for misty charm.


Mount Tamborine

mount tamborine queensland

Mount Tamborine is a paradise for landscape enthusiasts. Sunrise casts a delicate blush upon the hills, creating a dreamy backdrop for wide-angle shots. As the sun sets, warm light highlights textures of hills and trees. This spot is ideal for landscape and lifestyle photography.

Best Time: Sunrise for misty charm, Sunset for warm hues.


Snapper Rocks

snapper rocks gold coast pool

A hidden gem nestled along the Gold Coast, is a versatile canvas for photographers. At the break of dawn, the tranquil sands come alive with a warm, golden hue, setting the perfect stage for capturing moments of serenity. As the day winds down, Snapper Rocks transforms into a vibrant stage. The sky explodes with colors, casting an enchanting glow over the rocks and the sea, creating the ideal setting for dynamic shots that speak of drama and energy.

This location is a playground for photographers, whether you’re into lifestyle photography, seeking to capture the essence of the coastline, or even planning a family shoot against this picturesque backdrop. Snapper Rocks offers it all, making it a versatile gem on the Gold Coast.

Best Time: Sunrise for tranquility and warmth, Sunset for vibrant drama.


The Gold Coast is a treasure for photographers with various styles. Its diverse landscapes and changing light offer endless opportunities for capturing memorable shots.

Allow me to be your storyteller, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. Together, we’ll explore the Gold Coast’s most picturesque locations, creating photographs that reflect your personality, style, and the essence of this remarkable region. Contact me today to book your unforgettable photoshoot or call me on +61410262048 to discuss details.